Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bill Richardson's "Credentials"

The AP writes:
A former congressman, U.N. ambassador and energy secretary, Richardson has arguably the best credentials of any contender.
What makes these the "best credentials"? He's been an elected politician and bureaucrat. So what? If you're looking for the "best" person, why look at people who have had those jobs? Why not a businessperson? A lawyer? A teacher?

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Political Realm said...

I like that he's accomplished a lot in foreign affairs--negotiations with other countries, etc.
He's politically appealing because he's from a swing state, relatively moderate, can point to his experience, and could bring more hispanic voters to the Democrats.
You do make a good point that a job in Congress shouldn't be a must for a potential president. I don't believe any job can truly prepare a person for the power of the presidency.