Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shh, It's Cold

Why is it that when temperatures are colder than usual, the media never mentions how this relates to global warming:
Temperatures on the Atlantic coast have been on average two or three degrees Celsius below seasonal averages, said Jean-Marc Le Gallic from Meteo France.

No mention of global warming, though, just a description of how people are depressed as a result.

Now, if it was warmer than usual, no doubt this would be more evidence of global warming. But since it's colder, global warming is not mentioned.

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Political Realm said...

I'm not saying that there isn't biased reported on the subject, because I don't know. But warmer temps aren't the only the side effects of global warming. I would think the extreme weather is more a sign of the volatile environmental conditions.

I only wish temps were cooler, in the Midwest it's been ridiculously hot since May.