Thursday, January 25, 2007

Obama: Too black? Not black enough? Just right?

This Washington Post article is one of a number of recent articles discussing whether Obama is "black" enough. The question, they say, is whether the black community will see him as one of them. In my view, this type of commentary is just plain silly. I hope Obama ignores all of it. The right approach, I think, is the one stated by Harold Ford:
"As long as he works hard, is honest ... and is not afraid to take his message anywhere in the country, he'll do fine," Ford said. "He can't try to predict what other people may think or may do. All he can do is run the campaign that he's capable of running."

In essence, put together a coherent message that you believe in, and take it to anyone who will listen. If you've got the right message, you'll win.

As for Obama's message, not surprisingly he has recently called for universal health care coverage. But what exactly does he mean by this? Is it closer to Schwarzenegger's plan, or to Paul Krugman's postal service health care plan? The answer to this question is going to play a big role in whether I support him.

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