Monday, January 29, 2007

Schilling for the Hall of Fame!

Curt Schilling just announced he'll stick around through 2008, which is a reminder that he won't be around forever. With that in mind, let me state right now that, in my view, Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame some day. His numbers won't necessarily support it, although they are close. But when it came time for a big playoff performance, this guy delivered three times: 1993 with Philly, 2001 with Arizona, and 2004 with Boston. To me, that puts him over the edge.

He may not get in on the first ballot (although it could be close). But by the second or third ballot, I think he should (and will) be in.

UPDATE: His wife wants him in, but he is skeptical:
Shonda Schilling said Wednesday she's pushing her husband to keep playing because she wants their children, particularly the youngest, who is 4, to have memories of seeing their father pitch. She also wanted him to have a chance to boost his bid for the Hall of Fame.

"He will tell you right away that he won't make the Hall of Fame, but I just felt in my heart, just give it a couple more years," she said.

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