Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wes Clark on Jews

Wesley Clark is sure the U.S. is going to bomb Iran soon. How does he know? According to Arianna Huffington:
When we asked him what made him so sure the Bush administration was headed in this direction, he replied: "You just have to read what's in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers."

I confess to being a little confused. It sounds like he is saying "the Jews are behind all this." But Arianna's blog post does not offer any commentary in this regard. Is this somehow not as Mel Gibson-like as it seems?


Ret LTC said...

It's curious that you happen to leave out that it was an article about Bibi Netanyahu's comments that Clark was reacting to? That's why he mentions the Israeli press and the American Jewish community.

There's a big difference between AIPAC and "the Jews." Clark knows it, but I don't think you do. Why would assume that all the NY money people are Jewish?

The Emperor said...

I confess it's a bit unclear what he had in mind. But when someone refers to "the Israeli press" and "the Jewish community," and then talks about pressure from "New York money people," it makes me wonder what he has in mind.