Friday, December 01, 2006

NBA Management/Player Relations

NBA management/player relations strike me as bizarre:

The players' association filed two unfair labor practice charges Friday against the NBA over issues with the new ball and the league's crackdown on player complaints.

The charges were filed with the National Labor Relations Board.


A number of players publicly have complained about changing the ball from leather to a microfiber composite. Although players are adjusting to the new ball, they're having a much harder time with the crackdown on reactions after the whistle, often referred to as a "zero-tolerance policy."

First of all, it seems to me the league should have talked to the players about the new ball, to get their input. The people who actually use the ball would have the most knowledge about it, so talk to them before you make a change.

But on the other side, why are the players filing charges with the NLRB? Can't they just talk through these issues without a government intermediary? Really, the issues are not that complicated.

Finally, why are the players whining about the technical fouls issue? They're getting paid millions, and they should be able to deal with foul calls they don't like.

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