Thursday, February 01, 2007

Al Gore and "Peace"

Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to promote a cleaner environment.

OK, first off, the obvious. Peace? Really? What, does peace include peace with nature? This is really kind of silly. If they want to give him a prize, create an environment prize.

More importantly, though, how can they give this guy a prize when he had eight years as Vice-President to say the things he's saying now but was too gutless to do so. Sure, he made occasional remarks here and there about the environment, just like Bush does now. By and large, though, he had his chance to make a real difference when he was in office and he chickened out. Saying it now is easy. Many non-politicians are saying the same thing. The key is to get the politicians on board. If he had been this active about it when he was a politician, the world might look a lot different now.

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