Monday, February 19, 2007

Obama / Warner ?

After Va. Governor Tim Kaine endorsed Obama, Obama mentioned Mark Warner. At that point:
The crowd of VIPs roared, and then began to chant: “VP! VP! VP!” Smiling, Obama only referred to his and Warner’s matching blue ties. “I want you to notice how we’re dressed tonight,” he said.

Warner for VP. I like that idea a lot. Warner is a centrist, pro-business Democrat (and pretty damn smart as well). That will certainly help Obama with those like me, who fear many Democrats are closet socialists. Think about it, Barack!


Jonny Slemrod said...
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Political Realm said...

I like the prospects of that ticket too. The major detraction would be a lack of foreign policy experience for either candidate.

The Emperor said...

I'm trying hard to be open minded about Democrats these days. But the economics usually kills any chance they have.

I saw Warner speak at the World Economic Forum (not live -- C-Span). He was pretty impressive on international affairs.