Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama's Speech

Just watched Obama's announcement that he's running. Wow! The guy is an amazing speaker, both in terms of style and command of substance. He still has to back it all up with some specifics, but he's off to an amazing start. Hillary must be trembling after having watched that.

MORE: What really impresses me is his understanding of his own words. With most politicians, I get the sense that somebody else wrote the speech and the politician has little feeling for the content; or they have been coached to such an extent that they are over-thinking each syllable and intonation, and have lost sight of the meaning; or they can't articulate their thoughts very clearly even though they may be quite smart (e.g. Joe Biden). Now, somebody else may have written part or all of Obama's speech, and he may have been coached a bit, but nevertheless it comes across as authentic. And he articulates his thoughts very clearly. Speeches are just one element of many in a political race, of course, but in this area Obama is head and shoulders above the rest.

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