Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pretending to Fight Global Warming

Apparently, Congress is having a pseudo-debate about global warming, in which they discuss various alternative cap-and-trade proposals. As already evidenced by the results of the Kyoto pact, some of these will have no impact on greenhouse gas emissions; others will have virtually no impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, if governments ever get serious about fighing global warming, here are some things they could do:

(1) Put solar panels on government buildings. It might be mostly a symbolic gesture in terms of the energy produced, but it would set a good example.

(2) Give large tax credits to people who put solar panels on their roofs.

(3) Give large tax breaks to wind turbine and fuel cell producers; and to wind farms and fuel cell-based power plants.

Ultimately, if we want to reduce emissions, we're going need to rely mostly on these zero emission energy sources. If we want this to work, it's time to start subsidizing their use.

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