Friday, February 02, 2007

European Attitudes towards the Death Penalty

I was somewhat surprised to see that European opposition to the death penalty was not stronger:
According to the same survey, 60% of Europeans are against capital punishment, while 38% are in favour. Support for abolition is most widespread in the south (80% of the Spanish population and 72% of Italians declare themselves opposed to the death penalty), while the British are divided on the issue (49% against and 48% in favour).

I was under the impression there was almost unanimous opposition, but apparently not. Maybe the UK will even bring it back some day!

I've never understood why opposition to the death penalty is as strong as it is, especially to the mere idea of it. I can understand the criticism of the implementation, which seems unfair in any many ways. But I often hear people say they oppose the "state" killing people under any circumstances. Presumably, though, they do not have a problem with a police officer killing someone who is trying to murder them. Thus, it can't really be an opposition to all state killing. So what's wrong with killing someone who has killed in a way that indicates a likelihood to kill again?

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